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Landed in Barbados in the late Nineties,

Paolo is a professional surfer, windsurfer and an "all-of-kind" waterman. 

During his career he has traveled and surfed competitively in Hawaii, Europe, Indonesia, Australia, West Africa and many more.

Fourteen years ago he started sharing and transferring his greatest passions to people with DeepBlueSurf Barbados surfing school.

The shift to wing foiling was the next predictable thing:

"I can ride, fly, jump, get to unreachable spots. It's just me and the great energy of the ocean. It’s that simple" 



"The first big reason why I love the wing and the foil? 

One more option in the water, a damn good one, which is a lot of fun! This brings me to my second reason,

It’s so much fun, hard to describe, the kind of excitement I can only remember feeling when I first learned to windsurf at age 12; 

Third, it’s a workout, like no gym will ever offer you; Fourth marginal conditions become fun! 15 knots and some onshore chop? Epic wingfoiling. Basically you can wing, and have fun, on a 15 knot day up to 30 kts and everything in between, swell or flat. so again, water time increases.

Fifth and more important: Freedom. Freedom from equipment, because the wing is small and light, and depowers incredibly well even on strong days. It weighs nothing, compared to windsurfing gear. But also Freedom from CROWDS!! This is such a good thing, you can go anywhere really, away from known crowded surf spots and windsurf/kitesurf spots. Outside reefs and remote locations, this is what I prefer, unless I just want to have a good time with my friends.
Barbados has huge potential, I have only just started to scratch the surface of where I can ride on a wing.

Foiling adds an incredible new dimension to surfing. You’re still connected to the energy of the wave, but now you have to re-think what a wave is and start looking at the wave energy below the surface. The feeling you get on a foil is hard to describe: you’re usually very fast and completely silent, there’s no water sounds, apart from maybe your foiling humming at high speeds. 

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